Don't leave domains unresolved

  1. Let defunct resolve your domain required

    example.com300 IN A34.36.101.120; recommended for all domains and subdomains
    example.com300 IN; alternative to an A record if your provider supports ALIAS
    example.com300 IN MX1; we can accept email, too!
  2. Configure your defunct domain's behaviour optional

    example.com300 IN TXTdefunct.https=always; never | optional | always | only
    example.com300 IN TXTdefunct.mode=auto; auto | light | dark
    example.com300 IN TXTdefunct.theme=default; default | status | nocontent | blank
    example.com300 IN TXTdefunct.statuscode=410; any valid status code (see
    example.com300 IN TXTdefunct.redirect=; absolute or relative URL (respects statuscode if 301, 302, 307 or 308)